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Proof of concept piece - DOP

A director friend of mine came to me with an idea for a feature film that he had. He wanted to shoot scene of that film as a concept piece, and he asked me to be the director of photography.

He showed me the script, he wanted to shoot it was to take place in a convenience store late at night, I knew it was a hero, villain type story. My friend is very much into Superhero Movies so I immediately knew that I wanted to stylised the lighting in someway. We went for a blue hue feel in the store something it’s quite cold as it was quite a dark story. We tried to contrast that with stronger red lights for the outdoor scenes.

Unfortunately there is quite a large technical issue in the scene. I didn’t shoot the opening shot where the hero is walking down the street, and there are some flickering bus stop panels which really bug me. Always make sure that you set your shutter speed correctly so you don’t get flickering LED lights when shooting in slow motion, we shot the rest of the scene on a Red Komodo with Leica R Lenses, which i love.

We really didn’t have time to shoot much coverage, especially as much coverage as I would’ve liked which is the nature of low-budget shooting really we only shop for about four hours in the shop and a couple more outside we were a tiny crew. It was myself as the director of photography and the camera operator. I had no Focus Puller, but I did have a Camera Trainee as an assistant and some of the other crew helped rigging lights in terms of lights I really only had one 600D one Falcon eyes RX 18 and a couple of small aperture MC that I put in places but that was it. I used the 600 D with 150 dome on to Syed wash the blue throughout the store, and then I buy basically placed the Falcon eyes which is like a flexible Flexi light LED roll above subject to fill-in weather like in ? a region that was it really the rest was coverage and and good acting in the good crew all over

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