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Short Test film OINK - DOP

Oink was another test shoot for a feature film. It was a director friend of mine who written a feature film and wanted a director of photography to work with to shoot the scene of the film. We shot it in London as I was the DOP. I had a 1st Ac as well as a gaffer that I worked with and a small crew of grips and sparks we shot this set of scenes on the Alexa classic Ev. It’s a camera that I own myself. I’ve had it for a long time and I absolutely love it. I think that the Alexa classic holds up so well against some of the newer Alexa models. If you shoot it in a RAW with an Odyssey monitor you can get the full 2.8 K raw out of the sensor which is huge when you think about the fact that an Alexa mini is only 3.2 K photosite pixels on the sensor. We shot this film across two days. We as a location we used a college lab we had somebody acting at the Art Director who came in and dressed up the lab and built this cage. We had a lovely guy we worked in worked with to do the prosthetics for the monster we had a green screen up over the window that was replaced in post to give the extension of the lab feeling overall I thought it went quite well. We were very limited. We are working couple of students but we did well with the lights that we had I think in and the idea was just it was just to create the idea of the film what the film might be.

Lighting wise I kept the set up pretty simple basically because I had too much choice and I had a couple of the stair tubes one that I put in frame and then I used one just a lift up the base level of the room for some ambient light I had a couple of small cheap LED panels that were coloured with gels to do the red coming from the cage. The colour comes in the cage are use small aperture emcees to put on the computer screen light of the guys face when he’s looking like computer screen the scene in front of the vending machines. We really had no choice. We weren’t allowed to ring up any lights except for what you see in the distance in the background, so I just had to position the actors that they would be lit by the light in the vending machine, not ideal, I didn’t love it, but that’s what we had at the time.

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