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Short documentary film with Dennis Morris - The official photographer of The Sex Pistols

This is a project I really loved being a part of and was looking forward to as a fan of Photography and a fan of Bob Marley and the Sex Pistols a chance to interview, Shoot and light the photographer who was the official photographer of the Sex Pistols and Bob Marley was an incredible opportunity.

Dennis Morris himself was an absolute delight to work with. It was obviously super important to me to make sure he was lit and photographed well so I bought some extra toys to the shoot and took my time with the set up. I worked with Gaffer that I collaborate with a lot. We used a 300 D with a large dome on it as a key light within had a little bit of fill coming off camera to the left. Just bounced into the wall very gently and there’s some nice soft fill. there is a small Arri 300 pocket par hidden somewhere for a kick. We used a couple of DEDOs and reflected them off some picture frames. If you see on the camera right, there was some pictures on the wall in the back and I use those pictures to bounce a shape onto that wall on camera right which I thought was a nice touch. The shoot took place in London in Covent Garden in a basement of an art studio. It was restrictive in terms of being able to park and offload equipment and get the lights down into the basement. We had a fair few bits of equipment probably more equipment than I would normally take on a job like this, but it is important to me to get it as it’s good as possible. We shot on the Red Komodo as A cam and for B Cam we used a BM PCC both cameras had DZO pictor zooms on them . In hindsight, I probably wouldn’t pair of black magic with the red again. It was Tricky in post to colour match them I do like what the red was doing. Also I think the black magic is a good camera. I just don’t think it was appropriate to match with the RED for this

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