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Short Film Called Catchers - DOP

Catchers was a great project to work on. We had a great crew and a really fun couple of days. A friend of mine Nathan Root wrote the script and directed it. He asked me to be the director of photography. From the moment I read the script I loved the concept and knew it would be an interesting shoot. The film is about about a couple of guys who you think are dog catchers, and then it turns out they’re actually human catchers.

We shot the film across two days on the Red Komodo with Leica Lenses. Main thing i remember is that it was cold, It was very cold it was February I believe and a lot of it was at night time. The director and I did a lot of preproduction in terms of how we wanted to set up the coverage for the cameras. Most of the shoot takes place in a van and I knew that that would be the largest challenge because I wouldn’t get a chance to see the van prior to the shoot as it was only on a one day rental. All I had was pictures and ideas for the opening scene where the two guys are sitting in the front of the van. I knew I wanted to use bounce something coming through the windows to come through, so I wanted something that would bounce quite strongly so I put up two ultra bounces, almost like a tent over the sides of the windows and I pounded I think 2x 1200 evokes Into them. The bounce was strong and this allowed for a lot more contrast and a lot of fall of fast fall off on the face.

Camera placement wise, I wanted to shoot French overs shooting from behind the shoulders, I just like that style,

my only criticism of the issue is the outdoor scene where they actually taser the real dog thief and that’s because it was the only scene we didn’t plan for and it’s a good lesson there to make sure you do your planning. It was late In the end of the second day. We were running out of daylight and it was very light. overall though, the director worked really fast and we moved with purpose.

Great shoot, great fun, best part is working with good crew that everyone gets on with, super fun

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